Avast vs Windows Defender

Windows 10, like any system, requires careful handling and caution. And this is not surprising. Indeed, every year we deal with more and more advanced viruses and hacker attacks. Even an ordinary home PC is subject to numerous threats. Therefore, you need to select only the most reliable and decent anti-virus. The latest statistics showed that Avast Free Anti-Virus entered the top 7 antivirus programs for 2019. While many IT experts claim that Windows Defender is effective.

According to recent studies, Avast vs Windows Defender were recognized as the best defenders for Windows. We decided to draw a parallel between these two programs and identify the most optimal and effective. So, the famous Avast or built-in Windows Defender?

Windows Defender

So, first, we will talk about the native antivirus for Windows 10. Windows Defender is a program that at the automatic level performs a deep check and fight against viruses, and also participates in system optimization. The program works by default and accordingly does not cause conflicts in the system itself.

Among other benefits:

  • Free use.
  • Consumption of a small number of system resources.
  • Protects the privacy of Internet users.

Overall, Windows Defender demonstrates a decent level of protection: if you follow security measures, do not visit suspicious sites and do not download files from unknown sources, you can easily avoid infecting the system.

However, with regard to official tests, Windows Defender significantly loses the same Avast inefficiency.

Avast as a time-tested solution

Avast is one of the most popular antivirus programs in the world. The key feature is that it practically does not load the system. It shows good test results: security rating 5.5 out of 6 (all results are taken from the AV-Test laboratory report).

In addition, Avast has a very wide range of advantages:

  • Avast is free.
  • The convenient and compact program interface.
  • It is not exacting to the resources of a personal computer, which ensures high scanning speed.
  • Good user support.
  • There is a game mode in which all notifications will be completely disabled.
  • Timely release of the most current updates and virus databases.
  • Antivirus software updates automatically and does not require any action from the user.
  • Reliable virus protection.
  • Many different functions.

Of course, this was not without flaws. Avast has its own nuances like:

  • Not the best protection against phishing web pages.
  • When setting the maximum degree of security in the anti-virus program settings, the system is heavily loaded.
  • Bad work with archives and executive files.
  • Sometimes there are false deletions of non-infected files, because of the not perfect analysis of threats.

On the other hand, it is the most popular antivirus, which many people like for its effectiveness and simplicity.

The Final Word

You can not say which of these solutions is better. Defender Windows is a native defense that was created specifically for the system and generally shows good results. Even many IT specialists prefer him. However, in terms of reliability and care, itloses Avast. And this is not surprising, because even AV-Test recognized Avast as one of the best. Therefore, we can say the following exactly:

If you are on the Internet only on trusted sites and take precautions, then you can easily get away with the features of Windows Defender.

Do not want to pay money, but do not trust Windows Defender – install Avast. If you want 100% enhanced protection, but do not pay anything, you can try to combine these two components. However, we warn that this will lead to failures and conflicts.

These recommendations will help you make the right choice, and you will be able to reliably protect the system from various threats posed by virus infection.