TOP 5 iPhone Antivirus Apps 2020

Does your iPhone require an antivirus app? The iOS operating system is considered quite an inconvenient target for hackers, but there are situations when it becomes vulnerable. These phones can become infected with malware or other viruses due to unsafe web browsing or downloading applications. That is why you need to install some antivirus programs to protect your phone. Let’s consider the best antivirus software for Iphone 2020.

Description of McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security has existed in the world of IT-technologies longer than other antivirus software. This app provides a three-step process to ensure that no one gets access to your contact list:
• Backup of your contact details to the cloud storage of McAfee;
• Removal of contacts through your account in McAfee if your phone is stolen;
• Retrieval of contacts with McAfee installed on your new device.
This application helps you find your iPhone, protect your pictures, and delete your contact details. McAfee also provides you with a connection to a Wi-Fi network safely.

Features of Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security offers useful functions that provide the required protection for all iOS devices. Among them are:
• Phishing protection of high quality;
• Excellent tools due to which you can find your lost or stolen phone;
• Contact Backup;
• Identity Safeguard — monitors whether your email address was stolen as a result of data hacking;
• Call Blocking function — helps you prevent undesirable callers from contacting you.

General Characteristics of Lookout

Lookout is a very effective app against common problems such as unlocked devices or problems with updates. It has such functions:
• Anti-theft protection that determines the location of your lost or stolen phone. It includes an alarm system that triggers even in a silent mode;
• Scanning running applications for possible threats and notifications about the connection to a dangerous Wi-Fi network;
• Backup option to protect contacts and media files.

An Overview of Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security saves its users from the dangers that accompany online surfing. This program can:
• interact with multiple browsers to protect your system from infection with malicious web-pages;
• monitor and block advertising;
• has a security check tool that protects the privacy of users when they use Twitter or Facebook.
• can check your phone’s system configuration for problems;
• allows us to open secret links with the help of a secure QR code scanner.

Introduction to Bitdefender

BitDefender has not too many functions but they work very well. This antivirus app can:
• scan well enough, efficiently, and very quickly without slowing down your iOS device;
• provide quality protection for payments using SafePay which is an excellent security function. This keeps your payment details confidential when you buy something online or input your financial data.

Summing Up

Nowadays, iOS is a fairly secure system. This is first of all due to the fact that Android is easier to hack, and the malicious efforts are usually directed exactly there. If you always don’t click on dubious links or enter your personal data on suspicious websites, you can live without antivirus apps. If you use the device as an advanced user, it is better to install it.