Urban VPN Review

The article will run the core characteristics of qualified software options and the basic features of the leading Urban free VPN service.

Why do you need quality VPN

Increasing popularity of sophisticated digital options make them rather compatible in the digital market. You can easily purchase the quality solutions which indicate the wider specifications. The same thing is going with virtual network services. Their initial purpose is to change your IP address, so you will be safe and secure to achieve any location you wish remotely. Digital market makes these options more complicated, including unique features with a vast spectrum of responsibilities.

So, what you might get with the right VPNs:

  • perfect tools for streaming and creating content;
  • accessibility to Netflix and torrenting to take advantage of watching spectacular movies from anywhere;
  • getting secure access to home network if you need the data on your desktop and you are far from your home;
  • secure shopping without tracing your financial details;
  • high protective concerns of remote work;
  • free access to favourite audio and video files;
  • privacy value and confidentiality of network activities.

How to choose the best-suited software

Selecting the appropriate digital tool might be difficult with so many items in the digital market. It’s a great idea to follow the instructions to make the choice with ease.

  • Identify why you’re purchasing the software tool.
  • Indicate what exactly you need.
  • Suggest basic features.
  • Monitor reviews and compare the items.
  • Consider your financial balance.
  • Manage free trials.
  • Make an informed decision and purchase the best solution.

What is Urban VPN

Urban Cyber Security has founded the item. It has been established in the US and is considered to be absolutely free for users. It doesn’t require any subscriptions or hidden charges with purchasing the Urban VPN. Free package is full of basic functions and additional features. And it’s all for free! However, you can meet some restrictions and limitations of the service. So, it’s better to get into the detailed review before using the item.

General features

Get through the highlighted facts about the app to compare the item and suggest whether it offers the specs that you really need.

  1. The software service includes servers in 84 locations. The most popular ones are Belgium, Argentina, and France.
  2. Almost all of the points are achievable at average speed.
  3. You can easily benefit from watching movies with Netflix without facing issues.
  4. As for streaming, the option is not doing a great job.
  5. Torrenting activities are not supported appropriately.
  6. Customer support is not as good as it seems to be. In case of troubleshooting, you can email the company, the other options aren’t available.
  7. It does track your browsing history.

Overall, the service is good as a free variant. It doesn’t apply massive functionalities, therefore. Essentials are pretty nice for everyday use for remote actions. The manageable drawback is little privacy value as they do trace your web history.